Bring your home audio/video, lighting, temperature control, and home security into one completely custom system. Whether you want to have your lighting fully automated, or have complete control of your home audio/video from anywhere in your home, 3D Sound And Security will have you covered.


3D Sound And Security brings high quality sound, and cinema quality video resolution right to your home or business. We use the worlds top manufacturers, along with some of the best designers, and technicians to bring you and your family the best in the business.

Lighting Control

When it comes to lighting control 3D Sound And Security is the top company in the industry. Along with manufacturers like Lutron, and Rimikon Lighting, we offer full automation packages and give you the ability to control your lighting from anywhere in the world.

Home Security

3D Sound And Security also offers custom burglar alarm systems for your home or business. We deal exclusively with Honeywell Security to give you some of the most secure security options available.